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Interested in learning music with us?

We provide a range programs that teaches music production and songwriting to young people. Learning with us will encourage you to embrace your creativity and push you to develop your craft to the next level. We work with artists at different stages of their path so whether you are an absolute beginner or if you have more experience, you can speed up your learning curve and get to know how the music industry works.

Another great benefit is that you can meet other artists, and creatives like photographers, videographers, sound engineers etc… Surround yourself with a team of likeminded people who can add value to whatever you’re working on.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has limited the number of young people we can host in any given workshop, you will need to send us a request and we will arrange a schedule for new groups of artists .

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Light Heavy Records

Light Heavy Records is a music platform created by BURN to support musicians with kickstarting their musical careers.

We wanted to improve the service we provide so we asked the young people involved to create a project.

We helped them to mix and master their songs and create videos to go along with them. This gave young people a catalogue of presentable, industry standard body of work which we hope will help them boost careers.

In the process, we are helping them to create a marketable set of skills to prepare them for their promising futures.

Our latest project

Sounds From The City is a collection some of the best music from BURN workshops.

The Light Heavy Records group has worked very hard to bring this project to you. In this project, we give you a glimpse into Birmingham. The tracks featured represent our rich and diverse culture, a mix of various artists and a display of our incredible talent and styles.

My Story - Brienachordz

My Story is a heartfelt song about the highs and lows of growing up, losing loved ones and overcoming challenges in life.

You - Hayley

Her heart is torn in opposite directions after they broke up. Although she is happy in her new relationship, confusion sets in as she starts seeing her glimpses of her ex. The story takes a twist when she finds her previous partner with a new girl. What happens when they encounter each other in the street?

BBC Radio 1 Xtra - Children In Need 100 Years Anniversary

As our main sponsor, Children in need has been a huge supporter of our work. We was invited to BBC 1 Xtra to commemorate its 100 years of service.

What You Gonna Do? - Pseudo Sage

This song is about how we respond to set backs. Follow along as he comes back stronger and better prepared.

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