Detached Outreach

Our detached outreach work is about staying active in the community and keeping in touch with the pulse of young people who need our services the most.

We work on ways to create better cohesion between often disconnected organisations, services and members in the local community like, schools, parents, local businesses and other youth centres so that the best service available can be delivered appropriately.

Your community, your voice

To understand things from your point of view, we invite you to tell us exactly what you think your community needs. Your input is the key to improving the community, our work can not be successful if we don’t consider how it is going to affect the people it is intended for.

There is no one size fits all approach that would be enough to address the many problems young people face on a day to day basis, we believe that there is a lot of context that we need to understand before we even start suggesting ways to fix them which is why we need your help.

Workshops and incentives

We occasionally reward young people for participating in BURN's workshops.

Our workshops are discussion-based and led by an expert facilitator who guides the lesson around the workshop topic which are all centred around challenges faced by young people in our community.

There are some incentives available to the first three of students who reserve their spots in these free workshops. Prizes include 3 months free access to a Netflix account, free shopping vouchers etc.

The list of current Workshops on offer is shown below:

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