Who we are

BURN specialises in delivering music workshops to help young artists develop their skills in music production and songwriting.

We organise relevant projects like mixtapes and concerts that engage young people in a process of developing their talents. Our work extends beyond our expertise and involves partnering with other service providers that work in the community for improving the wellbeing and future prospects of the young people we come in contact with. These services include, community based projects, career development initiatives, educational workshops and mentoring.

Putting young people first, always.

BURN is managed by a voluntary steering committee comprising of business professionals, community representatives and academics.

We are governed by policies and procedures of BURN and work within the guidelines set out by the charity’s commission We are based at The Lighthouse Young People’s Centre in Aston, a dedicated mega youth centre committed to providing facilities for the community. In partnership with Birmingham City Council, The Lighthouse works with organisations like BURN to improve the young people’s access to opportunities in Birmingham. Which is why we will be delivering this proposed project in partnership with the lighthouse Young People’s Centre.

BURN is operationally managed by Steve Clarke.

A key part of Steve’s role is to engage with the young people and establish ways in which BURN can deliver personalised support tailored to their individual needs.

He has a background in music and teaching, he started youth work to help young people gain access to opportunities that was not available to him as a youth growing up in an urban environment.

"Urban communities face a complex set of challenges, coming from the same place, I know that sometimes young people find themselves in environments which does not benefit them or puts them in harms way. My job is to steer them into a more positive direction that leads to a better future."

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